SPIRES Workshop – April 2012

A two-day SPIRES workshop took place at a beautiful Botanic Gardens venue in Edinburgh at the end of April 2012 and Inspires implemented a number of developments used at this. Prototypes of the tools being developed were used to carry out an exercise with workshop attendees as they arrived at the conference. Each person attending was given a sheet with links to a selection of other attendees and a suggested contact theme identified for each of them. The idea was that this would be the basis for initial discussion to help encourage interaction between participants and suggest potential areas for collaboration.

The second main area of Inspires contribution to the workshop was through a visualisation display. The system deployed used a visual environment that included a virtual representation of the workshop venue. Topics from the on-going discussion, together with input from attendees – who could add content using mobile devices, were the basis of the word cloud displayed. A web service which deliberately added oblique and unusual content was used in order to stimulate discussion and comment and the display was positioned by the coffee area to encourage this. A video of the display can be viewed at: The event overall proved to be perhaps the best that SPIRES had organised, and also was valuable to Inspires directly and indirectly through the feedback and discussion that took place.


Edmedia 2012 – June 2012

An international conference which took place at the end of June 2012 in Denver, US, provided both an opportunity to disseminate the work of the project through a paper which had been accepted for presentation, but also an opportunity to demonstrate and evaluate some of the tools that had been developed. The names of all presenters at the conference and the abstracts of their papers had been obtained beforehand and were used as the basis to construct a ConnectApp instance for the conference and an ontology of the topics under discussion. Although the information about attendees was limited to purely the papers they were presenting, particularly with the use of some of the ontology tools which had now been developed, a very useful analysis of the conference themes and identification of potential connections could be made. A service was offered to attendees – particularly aimed at PhD students, to find new collaboration opportunities.


Immersive Visualisation Event – July 2012

This event, that was organised at the end of July 2012, was particularly aimed at demonstrating and evaluating some of the visualisation techniques developed and the link to knowledge services. This was also an opportunity to demonstrate and discuss some wider issues relating to immersive environments and their potential. This event was the first time that some of the more sophisticated knowledge services were tried out, for instance ones which attempted to find relevant additional information to the topics being discussed, not just from specific communities but from wider research data on the internet. Shown here is one of the demonstrations which used virtual presence together with word clouds.

Events - Imersive Visualisation

Digital Research 2012 – September 2012

The project had a poster at this event held in Oxford,  and an interview was also filmed about the project.