About Us

The JISC Inspires project ran from January to September 2012. This is the starting page for a representation of its work, which consists of a set of linked documents starting here, together with a (clickable) visualisation of the structure (Project Map). A copy of the project Final Report, which provides more detailed information in a single document is available here. The project was based at Coventry University with the University of Oxford, University of Warwick and the SPIRES Project (based at Heriot Watt University) as partners. The University of Cambridge was not a formal partner institution but also took part in the work of the project. The project was funded by the JISC as part of Research Tools strand of the Digital Infrastructure Research Programme.

Although the project has now finished, the project team welcome feedback and discussion on any aspect of its work and particularly invite suggestions for future collaborative developments. The on-going contact for the project is: Jim Hensman, Coventry University, (j.hensman@coventry.ac.uk).